Erotic stories - swingers

All my life I loved experiments. The dressing, kitchen, at work, and in personal life. For one thing, however, I never had the courage. Although I knew how to freshen up my married life, I did not go into it. We are talking about swingers party, which he says can spice up your sex life and married couples.

My husband Mark, we really tried many things. Laburnum, sadomasochistic, rimming, role-playing... Just everything except exchange partners, or the introduction of other people into our sex life. I had the feeling that he is just ours, and no one should not enter into it! 


Exactly the opposite view, however, had Mark, which seemed no desire after anything else except for group sex. I knew exactly these sexual thoughts and erotic fantasies figuring in his thoughts often. One day it reached a point where I thought that I alone so it does not attract. I was on the desperate, but still, I could not go somewhere where all fuck each other like hell, and vary among themselves they're legitimate. Tom about to share expensive, I was too soft.


I'm pretty positive natural question - what if it appeals to sex with another, and sent me to the water? What if it finds that the other evidence in bed more? What if I will have some of them closer vagina, which will excite him more? 


I was uncertain. I have long talked about it with a friend on our babincoch. They were encouraged and persuade me that I should go into it, because what it just may happen. Nothing we spouses, and certainly several minutes due to some "familiarity" with no name not elaborate. And apparently I would not take it as infidelity. After all, these things will happen before my eyes, so to speak, is not it?

Mark was excited about my decision. Even so excited when I did not do well. Suddenly I felt the disgusting pervert. Then I shook off those feelings, fortunately, the evening we had to go a few kilometers from our town to the place where the whole "swingerka" happens. What happens, no matter what happens, I thought. And maybe I'm finally will like it, who knows. When we arrived at the house where everything had to happen, I was pleasantly surprised. Did not wait for us some unsympathetic, sports a pair, but seemingly fine young people who seemed to really shall see for himself.


We had champagne. Voltage went. Additives to us young blonde in pink lingerie. She was very nice. I have also enjoyed it. After a moment he sat down to our table and her partner. He was muscular and well over shorts was seen that nature spared him.


They indicated to us whether we want to go next, and join the other couples who have already said good time. We agreed, were very comfortable and I have to admit - the most attractive people. Blonde, her name was Andrea, she started kissing my husband. At first, I felt weird in this situation, but after a moment I thought it was sexy. I also started kissing her partner. Caught me at it for breasts, groped my crotch and I was kidnapped from that. Looking after a short while, I settled on Mark, who already was about to insert the penis to Andrea. At first, she felt I was angry, but then I look at my husband with another woman more excited than I thought. I decided that this night that was gonna enjoy it too.


3: 2. Just as was our score in which I am led. When I reminded the night at our house, where it was teeming sexujúcimi pairs, I must say that I do not understand why I waited so long. It was really great! And our relationship? Really improved. We had a much higher sex drive, we have also changed in terms of intimacy. Common pleasures? We can make them much more than before!