Erotic stories - vibra toy

I'm in sex more conservative, not a type, which is trying new things, usually in my bedroom only missionary position or doggy style. One day I decided to change a little, I knew that the partner's erotic ideas revolve around various sex toys. Specifically, I bought us with a friend Vibra toy that promised experience for both.

vibra toy

One Friday evening we decided to test the device. We had a bottle of champagne to strengthen and go test. In this extraordinary experience, I dressed sexy clothes that reveal more than veiling. We started quite innocently, in front of the television. Innocent kisses but quickly turned into a hot touch-trigger and sex drive in both of us almost exploded. 


Despite my great taste slug it out on the spot without any waiting to cheer, I slowed down, and the same thing I wanted from a partner. 

I asked her to give me slowly inserted into the pussy dildo, all curious to see what will happen. First of all, it had to join me and himself. But what started happening right after the "miracle" thingy turned on, you'll remember for a long time. I started to laugh outrageously, gliding things inside me began to move uncontrollably, pushing my bladder, so I thought not to manage to catch even the toilet. 

The only thing I longed at that moment, was immediately get that thing out of the body! I ran straight to the bathroom, and with all the strength I suppressed. Miraculous mini vibrator ended up in the toilet bowl. The excitement is already in the evening could be no question, but the wild sexual experience and experiment, that didn't work, we will both remember for a long time.